If you've played a multiplayer game, then you've undoubtedly encountered trolling one way or another. It's become a huge part of the online gaming experience over the years, and now that we have YouTube and other places to easily upload content, the internet is now filled with countless troll moments to watch.

But some are better than others. Since we're big fans of funny troll videos, we thought we'd save you time and skip right to some funnies by listing only the best of the best. Check them out below.

1. Battlefield 3 - Friendly Fire Troll

You've done it. I've done it. Everyone's done it. Sometimes you just want to use a jet in Battlefield but everyone keeps taking them. And what do you do? Definitely don't sit around and wait your turn. Using C4 and other explosives sounds like a much more adult solution to the problem.

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In this video a guy blows up his teammates who take off from base in a variety of vehicles, and you can hear some great reactions.

2. Battlefield 4 - Dancing Target Troll

Nothing is harder to snipe than a moving target. What better way to be impossible to kill than to dance like it's your last day on Earth?

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In this video a guy learns how to bob his player model so it's downright impossible to lock down. Poor sniper had no chance.

3. Call of Duty - Obama Impression Troll

Obama is a popular figure to impersonate, but not a whole lot of people can impersonate him accurately. This guy can.

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With over 11 million views, this Obama impersonation troll video is one of the most popular ever, thanks in-part to it being Call of Duty related. Watch these Xbox Live users have a fun time with who they thought was the President of the United States.

4. Dark Souls - New Player Troll

Nothing is better than having an opponent underestimate you and then smashing them to bits. 

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In this video a player dresses up as if he's a weak pushover, but in reality he's an extremely well-geared player who can go toe-to-toe with the best players. Watch him obliterate some unsuspecting noobs.

5. Portal 2 - Co-Op Noob Troll

Portal 2 featured a co-op campaign where you were able to complete puzzles alongside a friend, some of which put a pane of glass between you two, forcing you to cooperate without actually being in the same room.

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This video shows a guy trolling someone as if he has no idea what he's doing. Watch the other person put on a show of incredible patience.

6. Second Life - Esteban the Club Troll

Second Life is a virtual life simulator where players role-play as characters while interacting with thousands of other people online. It's a 3D chat room of sorts.

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This video shows the story of Esteban Winsmore, a player who loves to dance in Second Life. He ends up trolling a bunch of players at a virtual club until they lose their minds.

7. Team Fortress 2 - Griefing Troll

Team Fortress 2's cartoon-like presentation and personality-rich characters made it a haven for trolls. 

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This is a very popular troll video from the Team Fortress 2 era that is more a compilation than anything. It shows a few scenarios where Team Roomba clowns around with random players online.

8. Rainbow Six Siege - Lockdown Troll

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is a rather serious game that is even popular in eSports circles. So, trolling doesn't happen often in the game, but when it does it can be downright hilarious.

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This guy manages to get the rest of his team to hole up in a room that has only one exit, and then proceeds to lock them in there. Needless to say, they lose their minds.

9. World of Warcraft - Funeral Crashing Troll

Back in the early days of vanilla World of Warcraft a well-known player died IRL. To remember him, thousands of players converged at a beautiful snowy location to host a funeral.

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Problem is, word got out to the opposing faction, and they weren't having it. Just a few minutes into the event the Alliance players flooded in and started a massive PvP battle with players who were dressed for the occasion. The result was one of the best moments in World of Warcraft history.

10. World of Warcraft - Ventrilo Troll

No game has better troll moments than World of Warcraft, so we're doubling up.

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In this video a player heads into a public Ventrio voice chat server and starts continually replaying an embarrassing audio clip of one of the guys in the chat room. The end result is some hardcore trolling.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.