2017 most forgotten games

More than ever before we're seeing end of year video game sales like you wouldn't believe. Some of the year's greatest games are being sold for less than $30, so now's the time to stock up your gaming shelf for the coming year.

And while you're doing so, you might want to consider these 10 games that, for one reason or another, have been forgotten about.

1. For Honor

Vikings, Knights, and Samurai in a third-person fighting game with amazing graphics? This game had all the markings of a legendary game that everyone should like. However, it caught heat at launch for server issues and some nasty microtransactions. It had no chance at staying in the public mind for more than a week under those conditions.

While a good game, For Honor has largely been forgotten. A sequel is surely in the works since Ubisoft is so heavily invested in its potential, but I'm not so sure people will care much when its debut comes. Good luck.

2. Ghost Recon Wildlands

Yup, another Ubisoft game. I'm not sure what happened at the beginning of 2017, but Ubisoft had a rough time.

Ghost Recon Wildlands was a cocktail of everything gamers wanted in 2016: an open-world game with great co-op mechanics, outstanding graphics, and plenty of addictive tactical missions that encouraged teamwork. The problem was that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild came out around the same time, a game that reinvented open-world in way that made other games in the category look dated by comparison. So, you could say this is a lesson in timing.

3. Halo Wars 2

Microsoft would like you to believe that Halo Wars 2 was a blockbuster hit for Xbox in 2017. And you know what, I'd go as far as to call it the best RTS of 2017. The problem is that RTS has largely faded from relevance in the mainstream, limiting its sales potential dramatically.

So, Halo Wars 2 is still struggling to sell units despite being rather well received. If anyone wonders why Microsoft doesn't experiment with different genres as much as Sony, here's your answer.

4. Lawbreakers

When Lawbreakers was nearing its final months of development, I'm sure its team was excited for release. After all, it had been years in the making.

Little did they know that Overwatch has basically dominated the character-oriented FPS landscape, to a point where Lawbreakers wouldn't even be able to retain more than 5,000 active players after a week of release. The game downright bombed despite being arguably the best online shooter of the year. Now nobody wants to buy it because there's nobody playing it. Sad.

5. Nioh

Dark Souls meets feudal Japan. Not a whole lot more needs to be said about this game to describe why it's amazing.

Yet, the game didn't quite perform to expectations, with sales falling short of forecast. Maybe it's the weird name, or the lack of a FromSoftware behind it. Whatever the case, it's one of 2017's best games, and one that will hopefully gain traction over the next few years as its price comes down.

6. Outlast 2

Horror games have never particularly sold well, but you'd still expect the scariest game of the year to do better than Outlast 2 did. This game was downright frightening, and exactly what we wanted from a sequel.

We might just have to wait for another Halloween to pass by before this game gets the traction it deserves.

7. Prey

For a game of the year quality product published by Bethesda, Prey sure has had a rough time. You can tell just how bad it's sold by its diminished price point. Heck, you can get it for $19.99 on Amazon right now.

Prey will be considered one of the greatest games of the year by the select few who bothered to get it, while others will walk away unknowing of what they missed.

8. The Evil Within 2

When gamers say they want a horror game just like Resident Evil 4, they must not really mean it because The Evil Within 2 is exactly that, but has had a hard time accumulating sales.

As mentioned with Outlast 2, horror games usually have a tough time, but this is a Bethesda product, and a darn good one. The good news is you can pick it up for dirt cheap despite the game being no more than three months old.

9. Total War Warhammer 2

We love a good Warhammer game, and Total War Warhammer 2 was probably the best we've ever seen from the IP. But it's been slow to catch on, maybe because it isn't as willing to drop in price point as many other games that came out this year.

That said, if you like watching hundreds of troops clobber each other over the head, and a heavy dose of strategy, this is the sort of game that can give you a lot of quality hours.

10. Yakuza 0

The Yakuza series is beloved in Japan like you wouldn't believe. Over here in the states, not so much.

So, while this is just about the closest thing we've gotten to a new Shenmue game since the Dreamcast era, it's been relatively unnoticed. In other words, buy this game!