Bloodborne art image.

Sony hit it big this month with its PS Plus free games. While Ratchet & Clank is a surprise, the key highlight is undoubtedly Bloodborne. This isn't just one of my favorite games of the generation, it's one of the most highly reviewed. And now that it's playable at no cost (well, except for a PS Plus subscription), hopefully you're looking to give it a try.

To help you on your journey, below are 5 quick tips.

1. Explore Everywhere

One of the best ways to get an advantage against your opponents is by using items. We're talking molotov cocktails, remedies, and even weapon upgrade items that will cost you nothing but extra leg work.

So, you're going to want to spend time exploring off the beaten path. You will often feel like just rushing to the boss of each area, but preparation goes a long way. Don't forget it.

2. Go Saw Cleaver

Out of all the starter weapons, the Saw Cleaver is by far the most well-rounded. While you can do perfectly fine with the Threaded Cane or Hunter Axe, their attack patterns in particular are far less effective in general.

In-fact, you might just find yourself using the Saw Cleaver for most of your playthrough. It's that good.

3. Nope, You Can't Pause

No, your PS4 is not fooling you when you try pressing the pause button in the middle of playing Bloodborne. There's no way for you to stop the game when you're getting whacked. 

If you're coming from another FromSoftware game, then this shouldn't be such a big deal. But if you're new, then expect a bit of a learning curve. Just remember that there's no backing away from danger. Head in there with confidence.

4. Play Aggressively

There's no way around it, at some point you're going to have a hard time. When that happens, consider being more aggressive with your playstyle. While that wouldn't be a great idea in a Dark Souls game, Bloodborne rewards you for pressuring enemies. For example, you can get back some health lost if you attack the enemy within a few seconds of taking a hit.

Also, by throwing yourself into tougher situations you'll get more combat practice to perfect your timing, which will be critical later.

5. Just Accept That You Will Die

You're going to die. A lot. The sooner you accept it, the sooner you can start treating the game as a test of your gaming abilities rather than trying to speed run it.

This game can technically be beaten in a couple hours, but it's going to take you over 40 hours. Don't try to rush it. Enjoy the experience.