The world famous Angry Video Game Nerd just released a new episode, and a particularly interesting one. In the episode he dives deep into the legend of Polybius, a game released in 1981 that is considered one of the world's most mysterious arcade titles. 

Some believe to this day that Polybius was used by the U.S. government to recruit adept soldiers for the military. Others say it was a brainwashing tool that the CIA deployed in the early 80's as part of a covert mission. Others think anyone who who believes that it's anything other than an unordinary game should be check into an insane asylum.

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Up to this point the story of Polybius has only been covered a few times by games media, and never with a proper video analysis. This video does a good job of illustrating why the game drew so much attention from arcade-goers.

Check out the new episode below:

Most recently AVGN has been doing one episode per month. Last month he did a video on wrestling games.