If you asked a handful of gamers a few years ago what their most anticipated upcoming video game was, you'd undoubtedly hear a few of them mention Star Wars 1313. As a large budget single-player Star Wars game in production at LucasArts, the game appeared to be exactly what this stagnant industry needed.

Unfortunately, Star Wars 1313's production was officially canceled in 2013. Gamers were livid, and since then the future of large-scale single-player games has been put in doubt.

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While it's unlikely we'll ever hear of a proper single-player Star Wars game ever again, at the very least we now have our hands on some 3D concept arts that show what could have been.

Environmental artist Brian Recktenwald, who worked on the project, has released more than a dozen images of the game. They give an idea of what it would have looked like, and unsurprisingly they're amazing. Check them out:

Star Wars: Battlefront II will have to do, for now.