Here at eBaum's World we've noticed that quite a few readers enjoy playing video games. While some are hardcore and have experience t-bagging noobs, others play them every now and then. And just about everyone likes talking about them.

During the past three months we've published hundreds of pieces that range from sharing our top 20 PC games of all-time, to interesting things that you might not know about video games, and the funniest gaming videos we've ever seen.

Now we're looking to get you, the community, involved. 

Not only can you expect us to continue encouraging discussion within the comments of our articles and Facebook page, and regular gaming nights where we talk smack on our microphones in games like Minecraft, but also publish user-submitted features.

These can be anything from your opinion on a trending topic, to a top 10 list. Don't be afraid to express yourself and show your personality like in shylilazn's piece we published this week.

If you'd like your article on eBaum's World Gaming, send the written text to along with any photos, dank memes, or other content you'd like included. Alternatively, you can submit using our Blog Upload tool, and then notify us so we can add tags and spiffy it up.

We'll be including them on the eBaum's World Gaming page, sharing them on our Facebook page, and you'll be well on your way to earning prizes.

See you around, kiddo.

- JBRogerThat