Chinese Overwatch players are on edge after yet another ban wave. This time around hundreds of accounts have been banned not for cheating, but for trolling and griefing other players.

In addition to this, Blizzard posted the names of the offenders in an official forum thread, outing the usernames of everyone involved.

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Blizzard has been very serious about this, and has continued to ramp up its efforts to persuade players to "play nice, play fair' ever since September 13th when game director Jeff Kaplan went on video to discuss the topic.

Blizzard sees trolling as "against the spirit of the game", and has even published a "Code of Conduct" that talks about hate speech. 

Some argue that players should be able to say what they want, especially since there's a block system in-game that players can use to quickly silence any players they find offensive. Although I'm inclined to agree with this, Blizzard thinks otherwise.