Although most gamers are busy talking about Super Mario Odyssey, Call of Duty: WWII, and other big AAA titles released this year, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds stands as the most popular game. With peak player counts of 2.3 million on a single platform (PC), it reigns as the single biggest title of the year, and actually by quite a large margin.

However, what many don't mention is that a big part of this success is its availability in China. Although not officially sold in the country, using VPN millions of Chinese gamers have been able to join the active player base, and it's more than doubled its concurrent player counts in recent months.

This boon might soon come to an end, though.

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Speaking to Bloomberg Tech, China Audio-Video and Digital Publishing Association shared that there are efforts underway to ban the game from the country, stating that it isn't compatible with "socialist core values and the traditional Chinese culture and ethical norms", placing emphasis on the game's violent themes.

China has been outspokenly against gun ownership, going as far as to outright ban sale and ownership of firearms in the country. Even then, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was permitted to be released in China just a month ago despite similarly being a violent shooter. So who really knows what they're thinking.