The NES is a favorite console among many gamers. So when Nintendo debuted the NES Classic last year with limited supply, it was both a cause for excitement and outrage.

If you want to get one at this point, you'll have to cough up over $200, which is more than double what it originally cost thanks to scalpers. And as high of a price as that is, second-hand stock continues to move on sites such as Craigslist and eBay despite the mark-up.

Thankfully, Nintendo has a plan.

Next year the NES Classic Edition will see new manufacturing, introducing thousands of new stock onto the market. With that, people frustrated over not being able to previously get one will have a second chance, and the price of second-hand consoles will likely drop dramatically.

Nintendo hasn't announced when the second wave of units will hit store shelves, but did promise it'll happen during 2018.