EVO 2017 tournament.

Online threats are nothing new in the realm of online gaming, but recent tragedies have made people take them much more seriously. Such was the case this weekend when one user on Twitch repeatedly threatened violence to a chat containing thousands of people, only to find himself the target of a new FBI investigation.

It all happened during a livestream this past weekend when the user by the name of "quackquackhonks" threatened attendees of the upcoming event from the safety of his Mom's basement. In multiple instances the user posted that a "mass shooting" would happen at the Summer event, with no indication of joking around or trolling.

Given that over 10,000 people will be in attendance at the event, it didn't take long for EVO staff to get authorities involved. In-fact, tournament owner Joey Cuellar confirmed that the FBI and Twitch are already investigating the matter.

Coincidentally, this year's EVO tournament will take place at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, the same place where last year 58 people were killed and 851 injured during the year's most violent mass shooting.

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eSports tournament violence has been historically rare, although the last incident was only three months ago at MLG Dallas where the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center was evacuated two times in three days due to a bomb threat that never materialized. The suspect was never identified.