Guy has seizure in VRChat.

The internet, and especially online gaming, are easy places to lose your faith in humanity. But everytime we approach a new low, a "feel good" story comes out that reminds us that we aren't so bad after all.

Such was the case last night when one online gamer started having a seizure in the middle of VRChat's Open Mic Night. Instead of continuing with their bombardment of memes and offensive jokes, they all dropped what they were doing to make sure he was okay. Whether it was a few Ugandan Knuckles checking on him and asking for a medic, or Hank Hill suggesting that the massive crowd back away from him so they don't trigger another episode, he was in good hands.

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For context, in VRChat players are able change to just about any character model imaginable before heading into an online social environment where people can scream at each other using a microphone, and communicate body language if they have a VR headset. The player who had the seizure had a VR headset and controllers that mapped his body into the game, so players could tell something was wrong when he started falling to the floor shaking.

Check it out:

The video uploader says the guy who had the seizure is fine, and has since made a handful of new meme friends.