Real Portal gun

The Portal gun is one of the most iconic gaming weapons of the past decade. Capable of bridging two walls like a wormhole in space, it was exactly the sort of thing we wish really existed.

While we might not be able to create a real functioning Portal gun with today's technology, at the very least we can make something that looks like it works. Better yet, you can do it with just $50 and a quick trip to your local Lowe's.

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If you like building things, join us and follow the steps below so you can own your very own Portal gun with just 3 to 5 hours of work.

Before we get started, here's a reference to an official Valve Portal gun that we're trying to mimic.

A plunger like this one and a flashlight that will fit in the long handle. Both were bought at Lowe's.

Remove the plunger head and stick that flashlight into one end of the handle.

Get some large sized PVC piping and a dark colored yoga mag. You'll need to saw the PVC piping to be shaped like what you see on the left side of this image, and then cut the yoga mat to fit between the two shapes.

Notice how the yoga mat centers the plunger handle into the PVC piping so it's structurally solid.

Sand and shape things down so it looks like this.

Another angle.

Phase 1 complete. What you have should look like this when the flashlight is on.

All the PVC should be black, so either paint it (latex gloss black is preferred), or use black PVC to begin with.

Now we need some arms for the front. You can use a variety of materials for this, but thin plastic that you can cut into shape will work.

You want three arms that look like this. Install some bolts so they hinge like the real thing. Alternatively, you can go with solid shapes, although it won't look as authentic.

After being painted black they should look like this.  You can just drill them into the side of the front of the PVC housing.

Lastly, you need white foam that you can cut to fit on the outside of the main device.

Here's a mapping of what you're aiming for. You need the bottom front and back pieces.

After tossing on some cable/wires, this is what you should have.

Now go impress some friends.