L.A. Noire face.

Six years after its original release, L.A. Noire is finally making the trip to a Nintendo platform. Its Switch version comes out this month, providing Nintendo gamers with a mature neo-noir detective game to play on the go.

Although the arrival has reason to be celebrated, it hasn't exactly been well planned. As we learned today, its digital download version through the Nintendo eShop totals at 29GB in size.  Although every Switch comes with 32GB of solid state storage, roughly 6.2GB of that is reserved for system files.

In other words, the only way it's even playable is you install the game on a microSD card, which isn't included with the system.

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This isn't advertised on the Nintendo eShop, of course, and I get the feeling Nintendo isn't going to be happy once consumers start buying the game and finding out the hard way.

And the problems don't necessarily end there, either. The physical version of the game requires a 14GB update. Yes, you can fit that on your default storage, but say goodbye to more than half of the available space.

The good news is L.A. Noire was largely panned when it came out in 2011, so you probably aren't missing much.