Mario Google Maps easter egg.

It's come time for Mario's annual birthday, and this time around he'd like nothing more than to accompany you on your long weekend drives. In celebration of Mario Day (MAR 10) a new option has been added to Google Maps which tosses the crazy plumber into your virtual car as you travel to your local dispensary.

The feature is exclusive to the Google Maps app on Android and iOS, and can be accessed by pressing the yellow question mark block next to the Start button before beginning a trip. Once pressed, you'll see Mario and his crappy little go-kart driving around the map with you.

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The feature is part of a partnership between Google and Nintendo, and will last a week. So even if your plan is to stay at home playing Super Seducer all weekend, come Monday you can have Mario join you on your commute to work.

There's also a hidden easter egg: try tapping the block 100 times and see what happens.

This isn't the first time Google Maps has added a gaming easter egg. There was an animated X-Wing Fighter to celebrate Star Wars back in 2015, and later Ms. Pac Man made an appearance for April Fools 2017. And it probably won't be the last.