When NASA launched the Curiosity rover from Cape Canaveral in late 2011, its initial goal was to survey Mars for a 24 month duration. However, since then the rover has greatly surpassed original estimates, and has managed to continued operation on the surface of the planet for three years beyond its expected lifespan.

The Mars Science Laboratory mission has been a huge success for mankind's spacefaring endeavors, going as far as identifying the first water molecules on the planet's desert-like landscape as well as studying its mineral composition. With even greater ambitions, NASA has invested resources into developing a more tangible way to present its discoveries.

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NASA has officially published Access Mars, a virtual reality experience built using Curiosity. In the software you can view several 360 degree photos taken by the rover, read about significant missions it underwent, and get a really good look at what it'd be alike if you were transported to Mars.

The experience can also be played from the browser without VR, but it's a far less impressive sight.

NASA hopes that Access Mars will help visualize the importance of space exploration to help fuel additional investment.