Nintendo announced today that the Switch has sold over 10 million units worldwide. This alone puts it ahead of the SEGA Saturn, Dreamcast, and quite a few other consoles that nobody cares about anymore.

While that might not be a big surprise, what puts it into context best is when you look at the Wii U. Over five years it was only able to sell a hugely disappointing 13.5 million units. Given that the Switch still has Christmas numbers to boost its total and three more months of sales after that, chances are it'll eclipse the last generation console within its first 12 months on the market.

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Whether you look at that as the Switch doing really well, or the Wii U doing really poorly, what does matter is Nintendo is currently on a huge wave of momentum that is making shareholders and Mario's voice actor very happy. At this rate it's selling at a slightly slower pace than the PS4 did during its first year, but more than twice as fast as the Xbox One, a console that has tried just about everything to do something.

So, to put it lightly, Nintendo has a hot console (again), and an opportunity to not sit in the background wishing it was part of the party like last generation. 

For people who like Nintendo, this means greater software support, a higher potential for hardware revisions, and bragging right. For people who don't care much for Nintendo, this means they'll likely have to put up with another six years of hearing about the company every week. Enjoy.