Catherine full body ps4

I've played some weird games in my life, none more memorable than Catherine for the PlayStation 3. The story-driven puzzle game, with its nightmares where you're chased by giant babies while in your underwear and anthropomorphic sheep, was actually really good, even if I had to take a shower every time after playing it.

The game sold reasonably well, and in the past year or so has gained some steam when it comes to remaster talks among gamers. Now, it's ready to make the transition to new hardware.

Catherine: Full Body has been announced for PS4 and PS Vita. In-development by Atlus' new studio titled Studio Zero, it'll update the 2011 game with higher resolution, some improved visual quality, as well as new characters and scenes.

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One new character will be Rin, a shy girl who will play an unknown role in the story.

Apparently development is already over half-way complete, meaning we should be seeing this PlayStation exclusive before the end of 2018. Nice.