Owen Wilson is the king of wow. Naturally, this makes him the king of World of Warcraft, too.

Out of respect for his incredible acting skills, one World of Warcraft player decided to pay tribute to his excellency by adding him to the game. Without Blizzard offering an official hand, he decided to take it upon himself by modding the game.

What better way than to feature some of Owen Wilson's best wows over the years? The player, who plays a Shadow Priest, replaced the class' critical strike sound with various sound clips of Owen Wilson saying wow. As you can imagine, there's only one word that describes how good it is, and you know what it is.

Check out the wow below:

For reference, below are just some of his best wows of all-time in their natural habitat. Some of these were used for the mod.

It's been estimated that Owen Wilson has said "wow" at least 1 million times during his lifetime, surpassing Hillary Clinton and Bow Wow combined.