So far this generation the PlayStation 4 has been selling extremely fast, to a point where if it continues on its current trajectory it will become the second best-selling console of all-time before 2021. But in order to achieve that it needs to continue its momentum like a ferocious Rhino.

It may just be up for the task if this year's Black Friday was any indication.

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While speaking to CNBC, Sony senior vice president Eric Lempel commented that the company just had its "biggest Black Friday in PlayStation history".

When you consider how the PS2 performed in 2004 and the PS3 just six years later it's hard not to be impressed by that statement. We're talking North of 1.6 million units sold during the holiday, a number that fewer than four consoles in the history of the industry have ever seen.

The only real competition Sony is facing is from Nintendo, which just had a ridiculous launch year with two first-party game of the year contenders.

Xbox likely also had a great Black Friday thanks to its $189.99 Xbox One S price point and newly debuted Xbox One X. However, anecdotal evidence suggests that PS4 took the top spot for gaming hardware during Black Friday, and by a considerable margin.