Gamer cringe.

Usually when you see athletes introduced to a stage, you expect a professional movie trailer voice guy to shout their names before they walk out and wave to the crowd. But these were electronic athletes, and this was in Korea. Of course it didn't go as you'd expect.

What I'm talking about is the introduction for Contenders, a new Overwatch minor eSports league that kicked off this weekend. As part of the opening ceremony two players were brought on stage to share themselves with the world before they combated for a $185,040 prize pool. Instead of just saying their name and sharing a few hobbies like everyone else, they decided to do a Korean rendition of "Love Is An Open Door" from Disney's Frozen.

The good news is they put a lot of heart into it. The bad news is it's so hard to watch that you definitely won't get through it without pausing the video at least twice. Try for yourself:

This was somehow not the first time Overwatch players have sung on stage to introduce themselves. During the legendary OGN APEX tournament nearly a year ago a player named Seung-Joon "WhoRU" Lee did some karaoke. It was so bad that he told the event organizers that he refuses to ever sing publicly again. Consider this golden footage.

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But among the long history of gamers trying to sing on stage none is more famous than when Korean StarCraft II pro player Jang "MC" Min Chul sang "Let It Go" in front of hundreds of thousands of spectators. Although the audience got into it, we had to mute the video to get through it.

If you like cringing while watching gamers, be sure to watch us livestream on Twitch this week. We'll be playing several games and chatting about how little air circulation there is in the janitor's closet at electronic baldman's HQ.