Next week a new Star Wars game is hitting store shelves. Last time this happened EA caught a lot of heat for a multitude of reasons, most notably for not including a single-player campaign.

2015's Star Wars Battlefront suffered tragically from not incorporating some sort of single-player. I mean, if there's anything people wanted to do after arriving home from watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it was to dive into a solo gaming experience as if they were the Star Wars Kid.

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EA learned its lesson, and this time around it's not only incorporating a mode where you can play alone, but apparently a pretty good one.

The mode was shown off in a new video today where the player boards a Star Destroyer, transitioning between on-foot combat and X-wing style battles through space. It's freaking amazing, and I recommend you watch it below:

Although Star Wars Battlefront II technically doesn't release until next week, you can start playing the full game now for $4.99 using EA Access. Though, it has a 10 hour limit.