Super Mario Odyssey's Photo Mode has quickly become a favorite among Nintendo fans. Hundreds of screenshots, from cool to hilarious, have flooded social media.

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Below we'll share our 10 favorite user screenshots so far.

1. Believe

Inspired by a seagull, Mario takes to the skies in this majestic AF photo.

2. Big Nose for a Small Friend

He better hope that bird doesn't take a dump.

3. Daaaaaaaamn!

Proof that Mario is an ass man. Mama mia!

4. Mario Brutally Assaults Band Member

Probably shroom-rage.

5. Mario Makes Dog An Offer It Can't Refuse

The dog is now a proud owner of a 2018 Toyota Tundra.

6. Samurai Taking a Rest After the Great Battle of Koan (1281)

Mario's great ancestor was a master of the bushido.

7. The Moped Killer

Leaving his stamp on society.

8. The Way Toad Looks At This Princess

This is what every woman wants.

9. Wahoo!

I think this frog likes Mario. Maybe a little too much.

10. When You Accidentally Take an Extra Vitamin Gummy

Way too much Vitamin D.