Believe it or not, Atari is currently working on a new console release. It's called Ataribox, and it's a Linux powered machine that will be capable of playing a variety of Atari 2600 games as well as new games that Atari plans to develop.

Atari doesn't want to tick off retro gaming fans, so it's being delicate with design. As such, it'll look an awful lot like the original Atari 2600 console, down to even its joystick.

But Atari isn't going to skip out on making sure this is the best version of an Atari we've ever seen, so the build quality and materials are going to be a big cut above what we've seen before.

Such is the case of the joystick, which the company released photos of today. Check out this beaut:

Hopefully this means it won't start making squeaky noises after just a couple months of use.

The Ataribox will retail for over $200, and will release in Q2 2018.