PUBG winter map

Rumors encircled the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds scene this past weekend when supposed screenshots of a winter map ended up on Facebook. Even though the Desert map isn't even technically available, players were quick to get excited about the map and demand that it be playable immediately.

Here's the bad news. Those screenshots weren't from PUBG, and definitely not an early look at an in-development map. Instead, they were screenshots from War Thunder, a completely different game made by completely different people.

The good news is Bluehole, Inc. has confirmed that it is working on a Winter map. It actually spoke about it earlier in the year, teasing it at the same time as its Desert map.

Presumably, the Winter map will have lots of bunkers and snowy hillsides for you to slide down. Oh, and you'll probably want to wear light-colored camo, or you'll stand out like a sore thumb.

Given the long roadmap for the Desert addition, we'll probably be waiting at least five months until we can play the Winter map on a test server. So, give or take around E3 2018 in June we'll be playing what I can only imagine will be the coolest map in the game yet.

Time for another round of patience.