Twisted Metal PS1 screenshot

When it comes to 90's hits, it doesn't get much bigger than Twisted Metal. The franchise helped catapult PlayStation to success during its early years, providing an insane new game concept for gamers to experience on their first ever 32-bit console.

Since then the franchise seems to have withered away; the last release was six years ago, and rumors of it selling poorly seemingly cemented its fate in the graveyard. It's been a tough reality to stomach for many veteran PlayStation fans, only made up for by Sony's introduction of similarly impactful IPs such as The Last of Us and Bloodborne.

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But maybe Twisted Metal isn't dead after all. Maybe it's just in hibernation waiting for an opportune moment to strike.

That's what series creator David Jaffe made it sound like when speaking in a new YouTube video titled 'The State of Twisted Metal', where he opened up about everything he knows. While not a confirmation of development, it effectively confirmed what we hoped: the series is being sat on by Sony until the time is right.

Cross your fingers.