Ugandan Knuckles video game on Steam PC.

Within a month of Ugandan Knuckles dominating the gaming meme landscape, an indie game developer is wrapping up development of a video game adaptation.

The game is called THE UGANDAN WARRIOR or DO YOU KNOW DA WEI?, and in the game you assume control of a "brave and fat Ugandan Warrior". tasked with spitting on enemies and finding da way.

Played as a casual 2D adventure title similar to classic Zelda, the game appears to do a good job of representing the meme in its full spectrum. Important tertiary elements like ebola, clucking, Russian Knuckles, and the queen are incorporated, as are some other popular references such as Tide Pods, the Illuminati, and H&M's controversial "Hottest Monkey" sweater.

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Below are the official features for the game:

Amazing plot
Magnificent art
Original soundtrack
Intuitive and simple gameplay
Levels very nice
Ebola *sniff**sniff*
Rich Story
Incredible journey
Press f to pay respect wahmen

Made by UgandaGames in the matter of just few weeks, odds are that the game will be little more than a quick laugh that can't sustain itself for more than an hour. Valve has been notably lenient with its approval of indie games on Steam following the introduction of the Steam Direct program, leading to many "cash grab" games being released on the platform. HOpefully this one ends up being something more.