Depending on who you ask, Glitch Simulator 2018 sounds like either the best video game concept of the year or the kind of idea that should be killed before it ever lives. Whatever the case, it's found its way on Steam where it's being sold for a few bucks.

Upon initial inspection the game looks pretty good for its burrito-equivalent budget price, good enough that thousands of people have bought it. Heck, you could probably argue that it's more attractive than PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the most popular game of 2017.

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As you might have surmised, the game is about glitches: lots of them. Just check out its official description:

You are living in a simulation, and the simulation is glitching. Explore the virtual world, find glitches, fight zombies and break through the illusion. Bugs, bugs are everywhere...

With zombies, assassins, several weapons, and bunnyhopping it might sound like a decent game worth your money. However, don't be fooled.

According to YouTuber IAmPattyJack, the game was a "lazy Game Guru Engine project", to a point where he was able to remake the game in 12 minutes and 18 seconds—thanks Detective for the correction. That's right, the entire Steam game can be made in the same amount of time it takes you to finish a bowel movement every morning. 

Sound impossible? He recorded the entire process for your viewing pleasure. See for yourself:

As great as the video is, it's his description of how bad the game is that takes the cake. Below is part of his Steam review:

A blank map, some terrain raised to form a box around an area, two types of zombie characters and an assassin model copied a few dozen times and three buildings of which two are missing textures.

The terrain doesn't even stop you from exiting the area, you can just glide up the wall and run as far as you want.

There are no "glitches" to speak of or anything that remotely resembles a video game product. Textures are missing and the A.I gets stuck or flies in the air, but these are all basic problems with Game Guru that the developer had no hand in.

You are given a stock asset shotgun, magnum pistol and dagger. All you can do is walk around the area and kill the same enemies over and over.

Even the menu is the stock Game Guru menu. There is no logo, about page or indication of any time/effort the developer could be bothered to make.

Don't even purchase Glitch Simulator 2018 as a joke for your friend because there isn't anything humerous in the game, it just flat out sucks.

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Interestingly enough, Glitch Simulator 2018 is now 33% off as part of a weeklong deal. Coincidence?