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Call of Duty: Mobile's most recent update came with a lot of new guns and gun mods that make the game feel completely new.

To help you stay ahead of your opponents, here's our guide on the top 10 guns in CODM and which mods to use with them.

The mods include:

STABILIZER MODS – Control recoil and improve flinch stability so your aiming doesn’t shake so much when you’re being shot at. 

DENSE FIRE MODS – Reduce bullet spread to improve accuracy. 

LONGSHOT MODS – Improve damage at longer ranges. 

EXTEND MODS – Increase ammo capacity and reduce time for changing mag. Void mods are equivalent to golden extend mods.  

QRF MODS – Increase accuracy every time bullet hits the enemy. 

RUNNER MODS – Increase speed after aiming down scope (ADS).

FLASHLIGHT MODS – Release a blinding flash when ADS.

MUFFLED MODS – Decrease weapon sound and hide your shooting location on mini-map.

SLIDER MODS – Reload one bullet into your mag each time you slide.

LIGHT TRIGGER MODS – Increase firing rate of snipers M21 EBR and XPR.

call of duty mobile

Top 10 Guns for CODM Battle Royale

10. TYPE 25

call of duty mobile gun type 25

The best assault rifle (AR) for close range fights but hard to control in medium to long range fights. Many pro players rock this gun because of its super fast firing rate. 

Stabilizer mods are best for this weapon because of its recoil.


9. RUS–79U (also AKS-74U)

call of duty mobile gun rus-79u

This is my favorite SMG for battle royale because it mows down enemies from close to midrange.

Dense fire or stabilizer mods are best for this gun.



call of duty mobile gun kilo bolt action

This is the newest—and best—sniper. It has a sleek recoil, a nice fire rate, and a quick scope-in time. Equip with 4x scope and to become an expert.

Longshot mods or muffled mods are best depending on whether you want to keep your position hidden or have increased damage.


7. QQ9

call of duty mobile gun qq9

This SMG fires quickly and has a very short ADS (aiming down scope) time, so it's ideal for close combat.

Flashlight mods are best because the enemies will be within the effective range of the flash.


6. M4

call of duty mobile gun m4

Used to be among the top three guns in CODM but got nerfed in this last update. It now has a significant recoil.

Stabilizer mods should be used because of the recoil.


5. RPD

call of duty mobile gun rpd

LMGs usually feel so sluggish, but the RPD is a king for midrange fights. With 100 bullets in the mag, decent damage, and good fire rate and accuracy, even a moving enemy has no chance of escaping.

Use QRF mods to rain fire and brimstone on thy enemies.


4. AK117

call of duty mobile gun ak117

This gun's damage is now lower than that of the M4, but it's compensated with a faster firing rate and great accuracy. The recoil is also more controllable.

Stabilizer mods make this gun a better killing machine.


3. HSO405

call of duty mobile gun hso405

This is the best shotgun in CODM and perfect for close combat, especially when indoors. It can kill an enemy with a level three vest and 150 HP with just one shot.

Dense fire mods are the best (to reduce the bullet spread) but you can also use slider mods.


2. ASM 10

call of duty mobile gun asm 10

This used to be the worst AR in battle royale due to its insane recoil, but now it has the highest damage of any AR.

Stabilizer mods or extend mods go well with this gun.


1. AK47

call of duty mobile gun ak47

This is inarguably the best AR. High damage (second only to ASM 10), controllable recoil, decent fire rate, range, mobility, and accuracy. It’s a very stable gun that gives you an edge in every gunfight.

Extend or Stabilizer mods works great.

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