Black Friday 2017 is here. While you can find just about anything on sale, the number one thing people wait until Black Friday to buy is a new TV. If you're one of these people who needs something new in their living room to watch cat videos, then this year's deals are right up your alley.

We've sorted through all the TV deals this Black Friday to find the 10 best. Below are all of them sorted by screen size.

1. 43" LG 43UJ6300 4K Smart TV

$339 at Amazon

For those looking for a smaller sized TV, LG's 43 incher is a great buy. This is a top brand in the industry that is capable of displaying colorful buildings like it's nobody's business.

Black Friday 2017 TV.

2. 50" Sharp LC-50LBU591U 4K Smart TV

$179 at Best Buy

This is the best TV deal of Black Friday, hands down. A year ago if you told me that in 2017 you could buy a mid-quality 50" 4K TV for $180, I would have laughed at you. Look who's laughing now?

Black Friday 2017 TV.

3. 55" Sharp LC-55P6000U 4K Smart TV

$298 at Walmart

If the 50" isn't quite enough for your living space, upgrade to this 55" for an extra $120. You'll be happy you did when watching Thursday Night Football.

Black Friday 2017 TV.

4. 55" Samsung UN55MU6290 4K Smart TV + $150 Kohl's Cash

$499 at Kohl's

Yes, this is an extra $200 than the Sharp, but you get $150 in Kohl's Cash so your wife can buy a couple dresses and forget that you spent hundreds of dollars on a new TV when you didn't really need one.

Black Friday 2017 TV.

5. 55" LG B7A 4K OLED TV

$1,499 at LG

$1500 might sound expensive, but it's a steal for what is considered one of the best TVs on the market. This is no ordinary product, it's OLED. Apparently that means objects look clearer and more vibrant on the screen. Whether or not that's worth an extra $1000 is for you to decide.

Black Friday 2017 TV.

6. 60" Sony KD60X690E 4K Smart TV

$599 at Best Buy

Personally, this is what I would go with. 60" is the perfect size for just about any living room, and Sony is a top-tier brand. I mean, just look at the photoshopped image. It's clearly a good TV.

Black Friday 2017 TV.

7. 65" Samsung UN65MU6070FXZA 4K Smart TV

$749 at Best Buy

Now we're getting to the big boys. 65" TVs usually go for over $1000, but not on Black Friday. This monster is the sort of thing you need for a quality Game of Thrones experience.

Black Friday 2017 TV.

8. 65" LG 65UJ6300 4K Smart TV

$799 at Dell

Most will argue that this LG panel is a bit better than the Samsung competitor above, but who's really keeping score? Normally this sucker goes for over $1200, so all I can say for certain is it's a killer deal.

Black Friday 2017 TV.

9. 70" Sony KD70X690E 4K Smart TV

$1,199 at Amazon

Now we're arriving at the big boys. If you're the kind of guy who wants every object on your TV to be as big as possible, this big kahuna will be the sort of thing you can brag about to your coworkers next week.

10. 75" Sony XBR75X850E 4K Smart TV

$1,999 at Amazon

This is the one, the only, the biggest and brightest TV of Black Friday 2017, the XBR75X850E. Yeah, not the most elegant name ever, but you'll forget that soon after you turn on the TV and start watching some PewDiePie videos.

Black Friday 2017 TV.