It's that festive time of year again. You might be in the mood for some Christmas themed levels, and thankfully there are a lot of them.

When thinking about your next game to play, consider this list, and toss on a Santa hat while you're at it.

10. A Little Light Snowfall - Yoshi's Woolly World

We begin with the wintery wonderland of Yoshi's Wooly World that is the A Little Light Snowfall level. As you might suspect, the level's title comes from the frozen over precipitation that makes moving around a hazard. While trying not to slip and make a fool of yourself around all the hunnies, try throwing snowballs at the wall to relieve your anger. 

While you're at it, take flight with Latiku's cloud and smash through some ice cubes. Who would have known a Yoshi game could be so cool—get it?

9. Halloween Town - Kingdom Hearts II

Who doesn't like The Nightmare Before Christmas? Never before has it been featured in a game so pleasantly, with bags of bones, christmas trees you can chop down to tick off nearby environmentalists, and sleighs that travel at mach 5.

It's called Halloween Town in Kingdom Hearts 2, and it's one of the most memorable levels in the award winning game. Honestly, this just makes me want Kingdom Hearts 3 even more. What's taking Square Enix so long?

8. Winter Crash - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

Originally only available to PC and Mac, this map quickly caught fame with Call of Duty noobs. It has an atmosphere of pure joy about it, which is quickly forgotten once you come face first with an enemy holding an M4A1.

Nonetheless, while listening to the nearby bells jingling and people getting hammered in the pubs, enjoy earning some sweet killstreaks to blow your enemies to smithereens. That's how you celebrate Christmas in America, right?

7. American Consumption - Splinter Cell: Blacklist

This magical playground is the perfect setting for your very own virtual Die Hard experience—it's a Christmas movie, after all. Head on up to the top of the ferris wheel and scout around for ways to murder your targets. Be sure to think of several escape routes, and sneak a knife into your sock just in-case.

Like the Call of Duty map, this is as American as Christmas levels get. You've got dozens of Christmas trees that will die within the next couple weeks from not being watered, great hiding spots for avoiding security, and plenty of hidden weapons for experimenting with.

6. Frosty Village - Diddy Kong Racing

So you want to enforce your competitiveness during the holidays. I get you. Well, might I recommend Frosty Village in Diddy Kong Racing? This game might be old, but trust me when I say it's a great way to enjoy the week of Christmas reminding your family that you're the best gamer in the house.

This level had it all: plenty of vibrant color, traps for knocking your friends into, and shortcuts that nobody but you will never find. Just be sure to make some hot cocoa before you start playing.

5. Snow Kingdom - Shiveria - Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey has some of the best level design we've ever seen. Case in point: Shiveria. Yeah, it might be cold enough to turn your snot into an icicle, but you have plenty of costumes for handling such a bitter occasion.

This level has so many cool things to find, you can spend up to three hours running around and still find something new to play around with. There's great music, too.

4. Christmas Is Here - Bully

Everyone likes a good vengeance story on Christmas, and for that you have Bully. The town of Bullworth might be known for raising kids that grow up to have serious issues, but you're going to break that mold. Right? And you're going to do it by standing up for yourself, wearing ugly Christmas sweaters if you want to, and punching anyone that dare look at you the wrong way.

This game is grossly underrated, and has a few remasters if you want to play on a newer platform. 

3. Animal Crossing (Winter) - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Once you're done with Diddy Kong Racing, consider upgrading to a game that doesn't look like it was made during the American Revolution and hop on Mario Kart 8. It doesn't really matter if you play it on the worthless Wii U or the Switch, just make sure to set the lobby to continue playing the Animal Crossing Winter map over and over again until your friends learn that there's no way they're going to beat you.

I will say that while Mario Kart has never necessarily been a next-gen graphics killer, this map is amazing. It's like heading to Disneyland for your first time all over again.

2. Freezeey Peak - Banjo-Kazooie

During the late 90's you couldn't find a developer with better level making skills than Rare. And among its best works is Freezeey Peak, a beautiful land where giant snowmen reign and flying is totally normal.

This level is absolutely amazing, with unique mechanics that get you into the Christmas spirit. The first time you scale the snowman it's like climbing Mt. Olympus as Kratos, you look down at all the peasants below as they worship your climbing skills. Nearby are plenty of happy-to-lucky enemies who are celebrating Christmas by dancing around in the snow. All you need to do is swoop down and destroy them. They deserve it.

1. Gotham - Batman: Arkham Origins

It's not that Gotham during December is necessarily the most amazing thing Christmas has ever seen in a video game, it's that Batman: Arkham Origins is just such an outstanding game. Roaming the streets as a grade A badass has never been so fun.

In realistic fashion, all the drunks come on Christmas to pick a fight in the snow. But you're Batman, a guy equipped with the power of five Ford F-350 trucks. I think you need to teach them a lesson, and make sure that going forward they know that they should keep their eggnog drinking inside the house.