handy robot pouring wine

The Consumer Electronics Show takes place every year in January. Tech manufacturers from across the industry get together to showcase their latest and greatest technological innovations.

From automated cars to personal ice cream makers and rolling phones, CES never disappoints. Here’s a list of the coolest things to come from CES in 2021.

Rollable Smart Phones

lg rollable smart phone

The future is here, ladies and gentlemen. At the touch of your finger, your phone will either expand out to the size of a tablet or it’ll collapse in your hand and be ready to fit in your pocket.

LG is pioneering a new type of smartphone that will literally expand and contract in your hands depending on how you swipe your finger on its edges.  

COVID Killer

ultraviolet lights that destroy germs

GHSP announced a product that uses ultraviolet light to kill pathogens. While it’s currently being used mainly in emergency rooms, they’re working to bring it to commercial vehicles.

Once it hits the open market, instead of being afraid you’re bringing something other than groceries from the store, you’ll be able to drive home in peace.

New Wireless Charger

panasonic wireless phone charger

Panasonic is developing a wireless phone charger that will be able to give every phone a tailored charging experience.

Most wireless chargers are from first-party manufacturers and designed for specific phones. Panasonic’s charger is specifically designed to take advantage of multiple phones and charge them based on their battery configuration.

Depending on the type of phone that you have, the charger will automatically reconfigure itself to send the best possible amount of energy to the battery.

Personal Ice Cream Maker

personal ice cream maker

No more going to the store when you get a late-night hankering for ice cream.

The ColdSnap ice cream maker, developed by Sigma Phase, will be able to create any kind of ice cream of your choice from the comfort of your home in as little as 90 seconds.

While it weighs 50 pounds, for ice cream lovers like myself, it’ll be a fixture of your kitchen when it releases in 2022.

Instead of having to run to the store, I’ll be able to just walk to the kitchen and have the perfect bowl of ice cream made for me, just like I do with my coffee maker in the morning.


8k television

Gamers and bleeding-edge tech enthusiasts like myself love high-quality visuals.

The problem is, high-quality visuals also come at a high cost. Thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars if you’re an early technology adapter.

TCL feels that people should have access to high-quality tech at a low price, so instead of charging an arm and a leg, they create affordable high-quality TVs.

In recent years they’ve put a lot of work into their 4K TV designed. At CES this year, they announced their plans to start releasing 8K televisions at an affordable price.

Robo Butler

samsung bot handy robot

Samsung's Bot Handy is a home robot that can theoretically set your kitchen table, pour you a glass of wine, and deliver you objects from around the house.

This thing is really still early in development, but Samsung promises it will be choke slamming your kids in the very near future.

Stillness Bath

kohler stillness bathtub

If you have an extra $16,000 to blow, then this tub has your name on it.

Kohler created this foggy mini jacuzzi that comes with mood lighting and an essential oil dispenser.

Because sometimes you just have to treat yourself.


car heads up display

Panasonic introduced a 4K heads up display (HUD) that covers a significant portion of a car's windshield.

The technology gives you standard information about your vehicle (speed, fuel range) and environment (speed limit, navigation directions). The navigation overlay may finally make self-navigation less of a headache.

This also highlights cyclists (to make sure you DON'T run them over) as well as lane markers, collisions, and debris.

We'll have to see though how distracting this is to turn on, but it looks promising.

Weed Smart Pen

smart weed pen

Mode debuted their $100 "smart" cannabis oil pen, which lets you program doses from 1-5 milligrams and through haptic feedback, tells you when to inhale and exhale.

The companion phone app lets you track how much weed you're smoking and how different strains make you feel.

For the stoner who needs more weed tech to nerd out about, this will make a perfect gift.

Water-Powered Shower Speaker

shower speaker

This speaker connects to your shower head and uses the water pulsing through it to generate power. Then it behaves just like a regular Bluetooth shower speaker.

Not sure why this device exists except as an analog for those wind-up flashlights.

But having a flashlight that powers itself could be crucial in certain situations, whereas no one in the zombie apocalypse is going to worry how they're going to listen to music in the shower.