Tony Hawk's Pro Skater tricks in real life with Jonny Giger.

The original Tony Hawk's Pro Skater came out nearly 20 years. Currently standing as one of the highest rated games of all-time, not only did it introduce a lot of young people to skateboarding and breaking bones while trying to launch themselves over inanimate objects, it also invented some tricks of its own.

Many of these special tricks weren't necessarily ever meant to be done in real life; they're so ridiculous that the laws of physics make them nearly impossible. One of YouTube's most popular technical skaters saw this as a challenge, and set off to try and replicate 10 of its most iconic special tricks on camera.

Not only was he successful, we have links to all 10 of the tricks (with timestamps). Below you'll find where to see him landing all of these moves, from my personal favorite, the nollie flip underflip, to the iconic airwalk fingerflip.

1. Blunt Board @ 1:46

2. Casperslide @ 2:53

3. Fandangle @ 3:34

4. Yeah Right @ 4:22 *MUST SEE*

5. Switch Guitar @ 5:24

6. Airwalk Fingerflip @ 6:18

7. Wax Slide @ 6:46 *MUST SEE*

8. Flamingo @ 7:10

9. 540 Flip @ 8:11

10. Nollie Flip Underflip @ 10:06 *MUST SEE*

You can find the full video below, which also shows the tricks done in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater before he lands them:

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Jonny Giger is known for being surprisingly consistent at landing gnarly flat-ground tricks, and even recently invented the Pandora Flip, seen here.

And before we go, if you want to watch more skateboarding, then be sure to watch Rodney Mullen's part in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3. It's still one of the best couple minutes of skating in history two decades later.