Amazon PC Gaming Sale March 2018.

I'm going to put this simply: Amazon has a crazy sale going on today and you don't want to miss it. The sale is being called "PC Gaming Deals of the Day", and it includes everything from monitors, to laptops, and even peripherals.

The sale will only last until Tuesday morning, which means there's a bit of a sense of urgency. To help give you an idea of what's available, below are the 10 deals that we consider the best of the best.

1. MSI 15.6" Gaming Laptop With GTX 1050Ti 8GB RAM And 128GB SSD

Sale Price: $799

Original Price: $1099

If you enjoy playing PC games but are always on the move, or have limited office space, then this laptop is a good choice. The CPU and graphics card  combo will run most modern games on medium settings, and MSI is considered a top-brand for gaming laptops. It also comes with two hard drives, one of which is an SSD.

2. CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Master PC With RX 580 8GB RAM And 1TB HD

Sale Price: $799

Original Price: $1029

This gaming PC is a great value, especially right now when graphics card prices are through the roof thanks to the cryptocurrency craze. The specs will run virtually any game on high settings at 1080p. The only shortcoming is the lack of an SSD, but you can fix that for $50 to $80.

3. ViewSonic VX2252MH 22" Gaming Monitor

Sale Price: $94

Original Price: $119

This monitor ticks just about every box. 22" is a popular size for monitors, its 2ms response time makes it great for gaming, and it has decent image quality. There are some other monitors on sale that have higher resolutions and refresh rates, but they're over $250. This one should do just fine.

4. Intel i7-7700K CPU

Sale Price: $279

Original Price: $349

This one is a bit of a stretch since an i7 is more than most people need for their PC. Nonetheless, this thing is an absolute monster, and will probably last you longer than a decade. Despite being expensive, this is a tremendous price that probably won't be duplicated until Black Friday. If you'd prefer something less expensive, consider the AMD Ryzen 5 1600 for $149.

5. Logitech G610 Orion Mechanical Keyboard

Sale Price: $59

Original Price: $119

I always suggest anyone that uses PCs often to go for a mechanical keyboard. Not only are they much better on your hands, but they last way longer than classical dome-cap style keyboards. If you happen to be someone who has been considering jumping into the mechanical keyboard market, look no further. This is a top-grade option that I wholeheartedly recommend. It has Cherry MX Red switches, by the way. Enjoy.

6. Logitech G233 Prodigy Headset

Sale Price: $40

Original Price: $79

The strength of this headset is that it's compatible with virtually every platform, whether you game on PC, Switch, Xbox One, or PS4. It has a simple design that isn't obnoxious like most gaming headsets, and is backed by Logitech's reputable warranty.

7. Logitech Z623 2.1 Speaker System

Sale Price: $89

Original Price: $149

In the world of PC audio the Z623's have been a best-seller for nearly a decade. I owned these for a while, and although the volume knob broke after five years, I can attest to their audio quality. The bass will make your neighbors hate you, let's put it that way.

8. Prey Video Game

Sale Price: $15

Original Price: $59

This was one of last year's best games. It's a single-player sci-fi title that is very story driven, and in a way reminiscent of BioShock. Both the PC and PS4 version are on-sale for their all-time lowest price.

9. SanDisk 250GB Ultra 3D SSD

Sale Price: $74

Original Price: $109

Tired of your computer being slow? Tossing in an SSD is the cheapest way to see big improvement, and this particular drive is one of the best-selling SSDs in the world. You can toss your operating system and games on this drive to significantly speed up load times, and then use your current hard drive to store photos and documents.

10. TCL 55S405 55" 4K HD TV

Sale Price: $369

Original Price: $599

Just a couple years ago 4K TVs like this were going for over $1000 minimum. I can't believe what I'm seeing here. Now that Netflix and other entertainment services are beginning to widely adopt 4K support, this is a serious deal worth considering, even if you just want it to watch shows or play games from your PC. Just make sure you have room for it.