Funny ways to die in video games.

I've died in thousands of ways over the years. While playing video games, of course. For example, just last night I jumped off a sniper tower and landed on a spiked fence in Metal Gear Survive. It was fun, to say the least.

Below are 12 of the best ways you can die while playing a game.

1. Bounce To Death (Prince of Persia)

Sometimes you just don't have a choice. Such was the case for this unfortunate guy who was hit by a bug that not only paralyzed his character, but sent him bouncing into the deep sand below. He looked an awful lot like this cat jumping out a window, actually. Meow.

2. Catfished (Resident Evil 4)

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So you're looking to test out the water physics in Resident Evil 4? Not so fast. There's something you need to kno... R.I.P.

3. Crow (Resident Evil 4)

Maybe I'm underestimating the power of birds, but there is absolutely no reason you should be pecked to death. Yet, while Claire Redfield is able to survive attacks by dozens of zombies and rabid dogs, she couldn't handle a couple crows flying her way. What a tragedy.

4. Dying In Every Way Imaginable (Space Quest)

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You haven't seen someone with bad luck until you've seen Roger Wilco in Space Quest. This guy manages to fall out into the vacuum of outer space, gets stuck in a hole, and gets crushed by a meteorite. This poor guy just can't win.

5. Flash-Aroni (Killer Instinct)

Apparently B. Orchid is quite the looker, because just a quick look at her chest is enough to send a werewolf to the grave.

6. Gas Station Explosion (GTA V)

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If you're going to pour a bunch of gasoline near a gas station and then shoot it, make sure you aren't standing anywhere nearby.

7. Getting Lit (Spider-Man 3)

It's one thing to die by falling face first, or to accidentally fall into a fire. But both in one sequence? And then on top of that to have the building explode is some seriously bad luck. Nice try, Spider-Man.

8. Ledge Fail (Left 4 Dead 2)

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This guy's stupidity got his entire team absolutely obliterated. 

9. Parachuting Way Too Late (Saints Row: TT)

If there's one thing you don't want to do when parachuting, it's forget to open your chute on-time. This guy paid the ultimate price for his bad timing.

10. T-Bag Payback (Halo)

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If you're going to t-bag someone, make sure they aren't going to come back and throw a grenade into your pocket. Because that would just make you look silly (like these guys).

11. Trying To Punch A Shark In The Face (GTA V)

Sharks aren't apex predators for nothing. If you're going to go toe-to-toe, or in this case face-to-face, with a shark, you better have a huge harpoon on you. Your fists aren't going to do jack once that mouth opens and tries to devour you.

12. Wesker Destroyed (Resident Evil 2)

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Part of this scene made me happy after listening to Albert Wesker deliver an annoyingly long monologue. Part of it made me disappointed that it ended so fast.