The best games you can play in your browser 2020.

Depending on when you started your coronavirus quarantine it's at least been a handful of days and you're probably bored AF. Whether you need to take a break from working at home, are trying to forget that you're stuck with your roommate/toddler/significant other, or are waiting for Animal Crossing/Doom Eternal to come out, kill some time with these free games you can play in your browser. Some of them are newer, some are classics, but they're all worth giving a shot. Be warned, some of these require flash. 

1. Celeste

Celeste is a hard platforming game that was originally developed in just four days. It has since been developed into an award-winning game for all major platforms, but you can still play the classic version in your browser. 

Play the classic version of the award-winning game celeste right on your browser.

2. is a new and improved online multiplayer version of snake. The same rules apply as normal snake where you try and grow as big as possible, but it's much more difficult when there are tons of other snakes playing along with you. 

Play a massive online version of the classic game snake right in your browser.

3. The Oregon Trail

This game is the definition of an absolute classic. It's a text-based game where the objective is to survive as you travel west along the Oregon Trail, and is where the classic phrase, "You have died from dysentery" comes from. If you haven't had a chance to play it yet stop everything you're doing and play, now! 

Screenshot from the classic 80s game The Oregon Trail. Available to play online.


Okay, so this isn't one game, but if you're looking to play some of your old favorite console games from Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Game Boy, and NES, then this is the place! While they don't have all of the games, they are free, and you can play them right in your browser. Check it out!

A selection of the games available from

5. Bunni: How We First Met 

This game was a favorite of many growing up and was all but lost because the website that hosted it was taken down. However, during an episode of the podcast Reply All, they were able to track down someone who could reassemble the messy source code and get it put back up online. It's a really interesting story, so take a listen for yourself

Screenshot from the once lost Bunni: How We First Met online flash game

6.Line Rider

I used to spend hours playing this game back in the day. Draw a line and then click play to see your sled riding penguin friend ride it. While the premise is very basic, people have built extremely detailed courses that are absolutely mindblowing

Screenshot of line rider the online game that you can build yourself.

8. Doom II: Hell on Earth

Play Doom II: Hell on Earth thanks to

This one is another personal favorite of mine due to the hours spent playing it during my youth. Well, now it is available to play right from your browser thanks to the good folks from the Internet Archive. Get ready for the upcoming release of Doom Eternal by playing the MS-DOS first-person shooter from 1994. Use either your mouse or arrow keys to move around and 'control' to shoot, and that will get you started. Have fun!

9.  QWOP

How could you have this list and not include the most frustrating game ever made? You play as a sprinter on a track and your goal is to run 100 meters and then jump. However, you have to move your thighs and calves independently using the Q, W, O, and P keys. Apparently, people have actually succeeded at this, but I struggle to go anywhere but backward. Make sure to remove any breakable items from your desk and good luck. 

10. The Chrome Dinosaur Game

This game is a fun little easter egg that you can find whenever attempting to go to a website when Google Chrome is offline. It's extremely simple. To start the game either press the up arrow or spacebar on your keyboard. You play as a T-Rex and your goal is to jump over cacti. 

So, this list could really go on forever as wonderful places such as The Internet Archive have done the hard work of making many classic games available online. What would you have added?