among us video game

Among Us has come close to besting Fall Guys as the hit game to quarantine with (and it's definitely responsible for more memes).

Players try to complete a series of tasks while avoiding bloodthirsty impostors who are hellbent on sabotaging the crew’s productivity.

To win the round, it’s crucial to either identify the impostors or blend in with the crewmates, depending on your team. Here are a few tips to avoid being called “sus” and survive until the bitter end. 

1. Use the Freeplay Mode

among us video game

Among Us features a “freeplay” mode that allows players to navigate each map and perform tasks without the looming threat of an impostor. This is a huge help for any new player looking to learn the maps and tasks, and figure out how to lie their way through emergency meetings! 

You can also access the computer in your map’s initial meeting room to choose a particular task that you might have trouble with (looking at you, Card Swipe…) as well as work on your killing techniques as an impostor.

2. But I’m a Newbie!

among us video game

In most games, your status as a new player would be a detriment—but not in Among Us!

Feigning ignorance and “getting lost” can be used to your advantage as a killer. You should also totally lie about the freeplay mode we just mentioned. Tell your friends you didn’t know what that meant when you looked at the menu.

Don’t accidentally out yourself though. Only impostors’ names show up in red, only impostors can sabotage, and only impostors can use vents and holes to fast travel.

Speaking of which…

3. Careful When You Vent

among us video game

Like we said, only impostors can use vents and holes, so popping out of one will instantly out you as an impostor. A good strategy would be to save your kill before venting, then use it on someone who could possibly out you when you pop out. 

If multiple people happen to be in the room with you when the deed is done, you’re toast no matter what.

But slyly “self-identifying” the corpse you just made and playing it cool can throw the other players off your scent and help you survive one more emergency meeting. 

4. Know Your Surroundings

among us video game

As of September 25th, there are only three maps to play on: The Skeld, Mira HQ, and Polus, each with their own set of tasks.

It won’t take long to learn the basic layout of the maps to quickly knock out tasks, or craft an alibi after cutting down one of the crew members.

The aforementioned freeplay mode will also come in handy here, as well as checking the bottom of your screen as you enter a room where its name will appear when you enter. 

5. Lay The Trap

among us video game

As the impostor, you have the ability to sabotage key areas of the map, some of which can result in you winning the round.

For example, waiting in the O2 room for a crewmate to repair the system, only to snap their neck, is a great way to thin the heard. 

Granted, this strategy will be more difficult in larger games as the amount of players running to save their lives will be greater. But in small games, this strategy can be the turning point for the impostor.