Nobody delivers cringe better than gamers, especially pro gamers. And as eSports have grown in popularity, there have been an increasing number of opportunities for cringe-worthy highlights.

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In this particular feature we want to look at some failed handshakes that have left even the most competitively confident pro gamers feeling defeated. You can see see the pain and sorrow in their eyes the moment they blew an opportunity to make contact with another human being. 

Check these unforgettable moments out for yourself.

1. CLG's ptr Has His Handshake Denied On Live TV

Bad timing leads to a shutdown for one of Counter-Strike's most popular snipers.

2. MLG Cameras Capture a Special Moment

Handshakes aren't supposed to be a case of problem solving, but that's what it looked like here.

3. Pro-Gamer IRL Tunnel Vision

At least he isn't wearing socks with his flip flops. 

4. Idra's Reaction Time is Put to the Test

While he might have one of the quickest reaction times in StarCraft, apparently this was just too much to handle.

5. Fnatic Krimz Struggles with a Microphone

"Should I put it here? Maybe there. Oh man this is some hard stuff."

As a bonus, here's a mega handshake fail by PewDiePie when he was on Conan O'Brien's Clueless Gamer.