Tetris is one of those games that you just assume someone has beaten by now. Yes, the end stages get darn near impossible, but given just how much time some people are willing to devote to mastering every part of a video game, you would think that someone would have already put in the hours to clear out every line on Tetris.

Well, now someone has — and they’re just 13 years old.

The run, which took about 38 minutes, was completed by a competitive Tetris player (and 13-year-old) who goes by the name “BlueScuti.” BlueScuti employed the “rolling” method of Tetris play, which allowed him to achieve a feat that had only previously been accomplished using A.I.

This is especially impressive as, up until recently, people weren’t even sure that such a thing was even possible. Writing for Ars Technica, Kyle Orland states that “until just a few years ago, the Tetris community at large assumed it was functionally impossible for a human to get much past 290 lines.”

Getting this far in the game causes more issues than one might expect. At level 138, “a byte-overflow error causes the game to start reading unintended areas of memory as color palette data,” writes Orland, which leads to several stages where the pieces are near-impossible to see against the background — oh yeah, and they’re also moving way too fast.

Despite this, as noted by 404media, this wasn’t the first time that BlueScuti came close to beating Tetris. In an interview with streamer ITZsharky1, he says that a previous attempt that got him close to the end inspired him to grind the game. “My biggest struggle was when the nerves started kicking in after 30 minutes of play,” BlueScuti explained.

BlueScuti also dedicated the game to his dad, who died shortly before this attempt. Good work, kid — now can you please find out if the Subway Surfers track ever ends?