I've found da wae, and if you're visiting this article chances are you want to find da wae as well.

Strap in and get ready to go on a journey as Ugandan Knuckles using my official guide.

1. First, download and install VRChat on Steam. The game is entirely free-to-play and doesn't actually require a VR headset like its name implies. Oh, and prepare to lose dozens of hours of your life.

2. While installing, begin working on your Ugandan accent. This will come in handy later, as hinted in the video below.

3. Once in-game you'll be asked to create an account and setup an avatar. Just use your Steam account and pick any avatar you think looks cool. This avatar will be your default, but you can swap to other ones temporarily by visiting certain worlds, such as what we're going to do next. 

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4. Once loaded into the Hub (default world) open your menu and look for the world of 'Uganda'. Click on it to travel to this sacred land of miracles and dreams.

5. Make sure nobody is home to see you make a fool of yourself.

6. Straight ahead you should see a couple Ugandan Knuckles inside treasure chests. These are an example of in-game avatars that you can swap to. Simply click/tap on one of them to complete your transformation. Note that you will keep this avatar until you logout. 

7. It's critical that you now speak with a Ugandan Accent, or (supposedly) you'll get Ebola. If you break character, prepare to be slaughtered.

8. You must now gather together with fellow bruddas. Look around for the largest group of Ugandans Knuckles possible. Just be sure not to fall victim to false prophets who seek to mislead you.

9. Once in a group, your goal is to find da queen. She isn't easy to find, but only she knows da wae.

10. Spit on anyone who questions you and make knocking noises. They do not deserve your respect. Follow da queen and protect her at all costs.

Hint: If you feel like giving up, jump into the boat to visit the second island, turn around, and then run up the sand hill to find a rock. Click on the rock to find da wae.