Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak operator tier list art.

With this week's arrival of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Chimera, the game is more popular than ever before. A full three years after the game's release it's hitting it's all-time highest player count, and for good reason. The new game mode is not only a fresh take on the game, but is adrenaline pumping enough to serve as a cardio workout for most gamers.

Before heading into the fray (or perhaps getting owned a couple times), you may be wondering what the best operator choices are. If so, then you've come to the right place.

The truth is that the composition of your team is far more important than any individual operator choice. That said, you'll probably be queueing solo, so you don't have much choice but to pick one that you know is going to be good.

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One final note before we get started, the effectiveness of an operator isn't only dependent on its native skillset. Depending on how good you are at the game, some operators will be much more potent. So, your mileage may vary.

Let's jump into this tier list.

S+ Tier


Rainbow Six Siege Doc.

Outbreak is all about longevity rather than firepower, making survivalists like Doc extremely potent. Self-revive and healing are absolutely invaluable, especially on Pandemic difficulty. You'll want at least one Doc on your team in every game. Whether or not it's you playing as him is up to your team to decide.

S Tier


Rainbow Six Siege Finka.

This new operator is a unique take on support play that is nearly as useful as Doc in Outbreak, and is only held back by its charge count. Adrenal Surge will not only provide longevity to your teammates, but also make their offensive capabilities far greater, especially at range. You can chain it by camping a gadget refill which makes mowing down enemies very easy while also serving as a great band-aid if things go awry. Her LMG is also a fantastic weapon for this game mode, although reload timings take great consideration given their long animation length.

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Rainbow Six Siege Ying.

Crowd control is important in Outbreak, and Ying has always been great at it. Her Candelas manage to snare several enemies at a time, providing some room to breathe. This ability can be quite underwhelming in normal play, but its functionality is virtually mandatory in Outbreak given the large number of enemies you have to deal with. Similar to Finka, her LMG is a fantastic weapon in this mode.

A Tier


Rainbow Six Siege Tachanka.

Considering Outbreak is defensively oriented, it's not much of a surprise that Tachanka ranks highly. This guy is all about sitting in some nice cover and mowing enemies down, after all. This is the sort of operator you want to choose if you want to bring the pain. Just make sure your teammates are smart about covering you.

B Tier


Rainbow Six Siege Ash.

Ash is a wildcard in Outbreak. She is fantastic for kiting enemies around and creating space within the game map. However, her firepower and special ability are below average. This is an operator you want to leave to the professionals, and when played well she can be a monster.

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Rainbow Six Siege Buck.

Average at best, Buck manages to hit B tier due to how he can hold three guns instead of two, which shouldn't be underestimated. There's nothing special about him outside of that, though.


Rainbow Six Siege Smoke.

Smoke operates as the second best defensive operator for Outbreak. Remote Gas Grenades are something your enemies will not enjoy breathing. Meanwhile, his shotgun makes mincemeat of anyone within 10 meters. A decent pick, to say the least.

C Tier


Rainbow Six Siege Kapkan.

Unlike in regular play, Kapkan's special ability is actually underwhelming in Outbreak. It rarely kills more than one opponent here, which just isn't enough to justify picking him. Thankfully, his weapon choices are above average, keeping him from D tier.


Rainbow Six Siege Recruit.

Nobody picks Recruit anyway, right? His ability to carry two secondaries is a nice perk. Nothing much to say outside of that.

D Tier


Rainbow Six Siege Glaz.

Virtually useless in Outbreak, Glaz should be kept to the other game modes.


Rainbow Six Siege Lion.

Revealing enemies isn't particularly useful in Outbreak, and his kit is marginally less effective than Ying's. Just pick  Ying if you want this sort of playstyle.