Bridge constructor portal valve steam

From what we can tell Valve doesn't make games anymore. So, Portal 3 is just about out the window at this point, which is downright sad.

But that doesn't mean someone else can't make a game in its likeness. Enter Bridge Constructor Portal, a sci-fi themed puzzle game that has quickly taken a top seller spot on Steam.

Made by the same team who made Bridge Constructor, another popular game you've probably seen a GIF or two of over the years, it's an officially licensed puzzle game that looks the part of Portal, but simplified with a 2D viewpoint.

In the game you use a variety of gadgets, cubes, propulsion gel, and more to try and guide vehicles past turrets and other hazards. That might not sound cool, but it's earned a strong reputation from reviewers, security a Very Positive among users.

There's really nothing coming out for about a month, so this game's $9.99 price point is actually not a bad deal. Don't mind me.