In a blog post, Activision admitted the base 500 GB PS4 might not be enough to store updated versions of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War or Warzone. In the blog post released yesterday, the company states there are more updates coming to the Call of Duty titles that will continue to add to the unbelievable amount of storage the games already take up.

Activision says, "Those who own a standard PlayStation 4 with a default hard drive of 500 GB may need to make room if they have the full versions of Modern Warfare/Warzone and Black Ops Cold War with all modes and packs installed. Should you have both games installed and have kept up to date with updates, you may need to delete some unused Game Content to have a successful download and install of the Warzone patch." Call of Duty has become notorious for its insanely large patches, but now the entire internal storage of a console might not be enough space anymore.

It is unrealistic, and unfair, to ask your audience to buy an external storage device in order to play your titles. This type of news really shows that Activision is not backing down from continued large patch installs for Call of Duty, and if anything, future patches will be even bigger than ever before. If you are a hardcore Call of Duty player still on PS4, your only option may be to buy yourself external storage that can help handle the size of these installs.

Call of Duty Warzone meme -  Look at me now I am the hard-drive

If external storage isn’t an option for you, you can follow the directions in the blog post linked above so you can uninstall lesser-used content in Call of Duty, like the campaign. That can free up some storage space in the meantime for the patch updates. If that blog post isn’t helping, here is a full rundown on how to free up the space required.

Hopefully, in the future, Activision will take the problem of internal storage more seriously. Until then, there will certainly be more patches, and with that, more space required.