Todd Rogers the cheating retro gaming record holder.

Update: Todd Rogers has officially been banned from TwinGalaxies and has has all his records removed. Read more here.

Original Story: In the domain of video game records, there is no person bigger than Todd Rogers. Known as the first pro gamer, during the past four decades he's managed to achieve world renowned records in more than 100 games... or has he?

While Todd has held onto timeless retro records including 15 million points in Donkey Kong and 99,999,990 points in The Legendary Axe for longer than time can remember, his reputation as a gaming king has recently been challenged by controversy. At first small cracks appeared in his seemingly unchallengeable legacy, like his Dragster record that has since been deemed impossible by the game's engineers, or his 65 million score in Centipede that is somehow over 64 million points higher than anyone else has ever been able to produce.

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In a new video by YouTuber Apollo Legend, he completely dismantles the chronicles of Todd Rogers' lying spree that has etched him into the records books, earning him Guinness World Records and the respect of hygiene deficient speedrunners around the globe.

The main points worth noting are that it's clear Todd Rogers has collaborated with several people to further his story,  including working with a referee to validate records he never actually achieved.

Check it out below:

For context as to how wide-reaching Todd Rogers' records, and presumably cheating, has gone, below is his record history as described in a forum thread on the Twin Galaxies website:

1.Dragster 5.51 by William A. Stewart Although Todd is commonly recognized as the only person to beat Activision's "perfect game", 2 other people were recognized by Activision, first in their Activisions December 1982 V5 newsletter; Todd was recognized in the Spring 1983 V6 issue. Todd also has a screenshot of a 5.54 run, a video of a 5.61 run, and a video and linkof a 5.64 run.

2. Adventures of Tron 1,045,200 by Steve Germershausen
video #1 video #2 Todd Rogers has claimed scores of 732,100 and 999,999 but offered no proof.

3. Asterix 132,500* Todd Rogers * Unknown if NTSC or PAL version was used. NTSC version is rare.

4.Asteroids10,004,100 by Mike Morrow

33hr game link Todd Roger's previous record was 4,210,100 done in 13hours link. Keith Dexter claimed 16,260,120 in 5 hours on a PAL version (info from Atari VCS Owners Club Bulletin, August 1983 issue)! 1,656,000 by Todd Rogers game 6, 13hr game.

5. Barnstorming 32.67 by Todd Rogers

49.82 by Todd Rogers game 2 He was also recognized for a 49.98 in Activision's December 1982 V5 newsletter.

51.67 by Todd Rogers game 3 He was also recognized for a 52.42 in Activision's December 1982 V5 newsletter.

1:10:77 by Todd Rogers game 4

6.Beamrider999,999 Todd Rogers, Douglas Korekach (maxed on sector 81. Also maxed sector counter at 99), Jonas Carlson (sector 83)

7. Bermuda Triangle1,766,100 by Todd Rogers

8. Berzerk 787,040 by Todd Rogers game 6

9. Bugs 910 by Todd Rogers

10. Casino 9,999 by Todd Rogers

11. Centipede 4,111,660 [Editor's Note: should say 65,000,000] by Todd Rogers average scoring rate 1 million = 2 hours link

12. Cosmic Ark 1,264,850 by Todd Rogers screenshot Heavy use of point-pressing

13.Commando Raid 308,110 by Glenn Sampson
Difficulty AA link Todd Rogers claims 3,325,300 in 60 hours link but didn't mention the settings used. Glen's scoring rate shows you can reach Todd's score in 5 hours, not 60!

14. Crackpots 1,000,000 by Todd Rogers screenshot

15. Crystal Castles 860,088 by Todd Rogers

16. Dark Chambers 935,500 by Todd Rogers

17. Decathlon 12,704 by Todd Rogers. Decathlon - 100m dash 9.15 by Todd Rogers. Decathlon - 110m hurdles 11.82Todd Rogers. Decathlon - 1500m race 3:36.3 by Todd Rogers. Decathlon - 400m race 0:39.3 by Todd Rogers. Decathlon - discus throw 72.84 by Todd Rogers. Decathlon - high jump 2.4 by Todd Rogers. Decathlon - javelin throw 93.09 by Todd Rogers. Decathlon - long jump 11.57 by Todd Rogers. Decathlon - shot put 23.81 by Todd Rogers

18. Dragonfire 1,265,310 by Todd Rogers

19. Donkey Kong Junior 1,472,100 by Steve Germmershausen screenshot (before roll) on DVD. Got 1,325,400 before losing 1st life. Todd Rogers claims 15,048,050* (must be a typo since all scores must end in "00") in 38 hours link Steve's scoring rate proves it would have only taken a little over 32 hours to reach 15 million.

20. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial 1,202,387 by Jeff Adkins Difficulty Took 9-10 hours. Todd Rogers claims 1,011,657 in 35 hours link Jef**s scoring rate proves it would only take 1/3rd as long to roll the score.

21. Enduro 118,00 by Todd Rogers 48hr game (398 days)

22. Fast Food 1,000,000 by Todd Rogers max score screenshot * score counter turns to 6 objects

23. Fathom 24,300 by "frostbite76" screenshot Todd Rogers got 1,110,500 which is highly unlikely since point-pressing is not possible and game ends after level 7 with scores under 30k.

24. Fireball-cascade 74,227 by Todd Rogers

25.Fireball-firetrap 97,990 by Todd Rogers

26. Flash Gordon 1,336,500 by Todd Rogers

27. Frostbite 1,832,730 by Todd Rogers

28. G.I. Joe: Cobra Strike 1,231,500 by Todd Rogers

29. Gopher 1,000,000 by Todd Rogers max score screenshot * score counter turns to 6 carrots (confirm?)

30. Grand Prix 29.47 by Todd Rogers He was recognized for a 29.49 in Activision's Fall 1982 V4 newsletter. Also both Todd and Jonathan Ewing have a 29.61 link

50.81 by Todd Rogers game 2 He was recognized for a 50.95 in Activision's Fall 1982 V4 newsletter.

01:13.88 by Todd Rogers game 3 He was recognized in Activision's Fall 1983 V7 newsletter.

01:34.33 by Todd Rogers game 4 He was recognized in Activision's Fall 1983 V7 newsletter.

31. Gravitar 999,950 by Mike Southerland Todd Rogers Max score possible before rollover. Southerland was the 1st person recognized to roll it, as part of Atari's Masters contest. Jeffy's screenshot Todd's screenshot

32. Gremlins 1,940,980 by Todd Rogers

33. Jawbreaker 121,400 by Todd Rogers

34. Journey Escape $105,779,605 by Todd Rogers screenshot and link Todd Rogers claims marathoning this game for 86.4 hours (link), but other videos have shown a scoring rate w/o breaks (the game allows you to pause between every level) would take twice as long to achieve.

35. Joust 2,150,300 by Todd Rogers easy

36. Jungle Hunt 851,500* by Todd Rogers* Score is questionable since scores of 100k or more are unheard of

37. Kaboom! 960,001 by Todd Rogers Difficulty A

38. Kool-Aid Man 929,500 by Todd Rogers

39. Krull 1,245,900 by Todd Rogers Suspected of heavy use of point-pressing. Scott Stilphen got 1,006,680 through heavy use of point-pressing screenshot (before rollover) and Atari VCS/2600 Krull scoring trick and glitch

40. Lock 'N' Chase 999,999 by Todd Rogers screenshot

42. Lost Luggage 999,999 by Todd Rogers Unknown which version used, green or blue.

43. Maurauder 199,980 by Todd Rogers Douglas Korekach got 99,990 link Game rolls at 100k.

44. Mega Force 1,013,515 by Todd Rogers

45. Minds of Minos 9,150 by Todd Rogers

46. Midnight Magic 3,401,240* by William Smith * Difficulty setting unknown. Todd's 999,995 screenshot

47. Missile Command 7,232,890 by Todd Rogers

48. Moon Patrol 1,094,100 by Todd Rogers

49.Ms. Pac-Man 1,596,930 by Todd Rogers

50. Name this Game 35,980 by Todd Rogers

51. Oink 999,999 by Todd Rogers

52. Pac-Man 3,628,533* by Todd Rogers 47hr game * Score in TG database. Also has a 48hr game of 3,225,628 link. Stephen Foot claimed 6,128,619 on a PAL version and claims he can pause game (info from Atari VCS Owner’s Club Bulletin, Sept 1982 issue) and stopped with 9 lives left! 101,051 by Todd Rogers game 6, Difficulty A

53. Plaque Attack 999,999 by Todd Rogers max score screenshot

54. Popeye 805,750 by Todd Rogers

55. Pressure Cooker 999,999 by Todd Rogers screenshot

56. Reactor 1,615,526 by Todd Rogers Todd also has a screenshot of a 999,999 score.

57. River Raid 796,750 by Todd Rogers 1 life run.

58. River Raid 2 999,999 by Todd Rogers

59. Robot Tank 144 tanks by Todd Rogers

60. Sea Quest 999,999 by Todd Rogers

61. Shark Attack 999 by Todd Rogers max score possible

62. Shooting Gallery 1,005,300 by Todd Rogers

63. Skiing 01:04.25* by Todd Rogers game 2 * Impossible? 27.94 by Greg Degeneffe game 3 video Todd Rogers was recognized for 27.64 in Activision's Winter 1982 V2. This was changed to a 27.54 in the Fall 1982 V4 issue. Atwell Shearer was recognized for the same 27.54 score in the December 1982 V5 issue. Brent Metcalf was recognized in Activision's Fall 1983 V7 newsletter for 27.51. Todd Rogers also has the same score on Twin Galaxies. Douglas Korekach says this score can only be achieved by exploiting the Difficulty switches link.

64. Slot Machine 9,999 by Todd Rogers max score possible

9,999 by Todd Rogers game 7

65. Snoopy and the Red Baron 1,829,080 by Todd Rogers game 1 (Pilot First Class) 45hr game screenshot and linkSteve Germershausen's scoring rate in his video show approximately 28-29 hours to roll score

1,947,090 by Todd Rogers game 4 (Pilot in Training) Claims 48 hours to get score

66. Spacechase 416,605 by Todd Rogers

67. Squeeze Box 654,420 by Todd Rogers

68. Stampede 99,999* by Todd Rogers screenshot * Appears to be a different version of the game, as does this screenshot of 13,279. He was recognized for 73,754 in Activision's Spring 1982 V3 newsletter, along with 157,000 for Kenny Vance, although the scores are well beyond what should be possible link since you can't play the game beyond the 8th herd link

69. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back 15,931 by Todd Rogers

70. Starmaster 3,985* by Todd Rogers * Impossible? Ensign 5,944 by Todd Rogers Leader

71. Steeplechase (Atari) 01:07:00 by Todd Rogers
Douglas Korekach

72. Sub-Scan 94,090 by Scott Stilphen screenshot Todd Rogers claims 1,012,000 which is highly unlikely since point-pressing not possible. Likely the result of a scoring glitch (video).

73.Tac-Scan 1,094,100 by Todd Rogers

74. Tapper 982,725 by Todd Rogers screenshot

75. Taz 999,900* by Todd Rogers screenshot * Claims to have used a rare 1984 released version which scores differently.

76. Towering Inferno 4,600 by Todd Rogers

77. Turmoil 1,167,450 by Todd Rogers Score rolls at 100k

78. Venture 913,200* by Todd Rogers * Score is highly unlikely. Point-pressing not possible.

79. Video Pinball 91,862,206 by Steve Germershausen Approximately 12 hours. Todd Rogers claims 12,464,974 in 28 hours link. Glen's scoring rate was 8 million/hour, meaning Todd's score should have taken less than 2 hours.

80. Wabbit 1,698 by Todd Rogers

81. Warplock 933 by Todd Rogers

82. Wizard of Wor 864,500 by Todd Rogers

He now holds the record for most faked records.