Update: Twitch has officially removed all custom CD emotes. Although the company has made no official statement, it was first spotted on forsen's Twitch and later discussed on Reddit.

Many Twitch users have concluded that the CD emotes were removed due to Dr. DisRespect complaining about them. He's been outspokenly against the meme, as seen in the video below:

Original Story: During the past week a new gaming meme has been born on Twitch. It's called the 'CD emote' meme, and while many gamers have had fun with it, it's a bit confusing without an explanation.

The meme has mainly been employed using custom emotes on Twitch. The emotes show various Twitch personalities close-up with sunglasses on and a beautiful moustache bestowed upon their upper lip. Most recently, the sunglasses have CDs (compact discs) photoshopped on them, as seen below:

CD meme on Twitch.

While some of the images are funny, it's so unclear what the CD emote meme means or came from that earlier today Dr. DisRespect acknowledged the meme while playing PUBG and chatting with fellow livestreamer Shroud. 

He concluded that the "CD" stands for "Cheating DisRespect", referencing the cheating controversy that temporarily ended his career in December of last year. Although he's certainly got a lot of rough attention over the ordeal, in this case he's being a bit paranoid, as seen below:

Shortly after, Dr. DisRespect posted about the CD emote meme on his Twitter account, calling out the Twitch channels who have used the custom Dr. DisRespect meme emotes, and he wasn't very happy about it:

As it turns out, the "CD" doesn't refer to Dr. DisRespect directly, or at leat not in the way he thinks. A user on YouTube named TheYTChronicles explained it well in the comment section of the video above, stating:

Anyone who still doesn't understand: the CD is because the Twitch donation text-to-speech thing reads "OMEGALUL CD" instead of "D OMEGALUL C"...but the clip is noteworthy because Doc clearly suspects it to instead mean "Cheating Doc". His paranoia is showing so obviously and it's kind of strange seeing the Doc like that. That's why this has become topical.

Put simply, it's a convoluted meme that pokes fun at how text-to-speech on Twitch mispronounces a common phrase, "D OMEGALUL C". More than anything it just looks funny. I mean, come on, just look at the anime girl below.

At some point Dr. DisRespect will realize the CD emote meme references aren't actually poking fun at him. Until then, people are going to continue spamming his chat with confusing CD goodies.

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