TheMexicanRunner Battletoads speedrun

With the advent of livestreaming on sites like Twitch, speedrunning has seen more interest than ever before. Among the community's best known streamers is TheMexicanRunner (TMR), a guy who not only is really good at playing classic games, but apparently has beaten every licensed NES game (714 in total).

He just happened to smash yet another record, this time in Battletoads. And not just any ordinary record, either. This was in The Turbo Tunnel, a place of rich legend and history.

The section was a favorite among fans in the early 90's for being fast paced, challenging, and a nice change of gameplay from the standard platforming fare in the game. In the area players initially get into a scuffle with Scuzz before hopping on a hover bike and coursing through a long and dangerous chasm filled with obstacles and enemies.

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TMR managed to complete the section in 4:04:09, setting a new record. Oh, and while The Turbo Tunnel is known for being really hard, he did it blindfolded. You know, just to make things even more ridiculous.

Watch the feat for yourself:

The record was set in front of a live audience of hundreds of people along with thousands of Twitch viewers.

Battletoads was recently re-released in Rare Replay, an Xbox One game that also includes a rewind feature to make levels like The Turbo Tunnel more tolerable for noobs.