Belle Delphine returned to social media by posting a picture of her mugshot to Twitter.

Belle Delphine, whose real name is Mary-Belle Kirschner, is an Instagram start and cosplayer best known for selling jars of her bathwater online. She has been off the radar for the past couple of months since having her Instagram account shut down. Afterward, it's reported she contracted food poisoning in Greece while on vacation. Her Patreon subscribers have been up in arms that no new content had been uploaded for their unimaginable desires. 

On October 7th, she posted a tweet claiming, "I got arrested lol." Many fans feel this may be in to response to the H3 Podcast episode claiming her absence from social media may have been due to her being arrested for selling her bathwater which may be illegal.

Others wonder if maybe her arrest is just a hoax for more publicity or perhaps she's neglected to pay her taxes on her internet-famous payoff. Whatever the case may be, she continues to stay in the public eye.