jonas neubauer tetris master

Jonas Neubauer, an American Tetris player who earned the most 1st place medals in the Classic Tetris World Championship, died last week at age 39. His cause of death has only been described as a "sudden medical emergency."

Jonas was reportedly the first person to ever record himself reaching the max amount of points that can be displayed fully on a Tetris screen—999,999—in 2006.

He went on to set a world record score of 1,245,200 in 2018 and a year earlier unintentionally set a new record for reaching 300,000 points in the shortest time.

Jonas inspired Tetris fans and gamers around the world, and the global Tetris community will miss him dearly.

We can only assume that Tetris sound effects were played at his funeral as his L-shaped casket was lowered into the ground.