Some play video games to relax. Others are looking for any excuse to rage, as this video shows.

In April 2022, two groups of Call of Duty players, ColdFront and Valence, gathered in Destin, Florida, for a competition. Prior to this, there had been a bit of trash talking — by which we mean ColdFront’s Qpann_ claimed that “owners of the Valence organization accused him of abusing Adderall,” per TMZ.

Understandably, this meant that tensions at the event were a little high. So when ColdFront pulled off a victory, Qpann_ decided to break the ice by running his mouth.

What proceeds is an absolutely pathetic display of trash talk. Both teams begin screaming at each other, neither landing any verbal blows on the other. One hero is laughing the whole time, clearly aware of how miserable this bout actually is.

Naturally, a bunch of people in the Reddit comments made jokes about the people in the video, landing on such clichéd gaming joke staples as “The people hosting the event ran out of Hot Pockets” and “grand hall of virgins.” “This is what I imagine everyone on Reddit looks like,” declared a commenter.

In the real world, Qpann_ was banned from his school’s esports team and College Call of Duty League. The school says that Qpann_ violated an agreement he made with the school to “treat all members of the esports industry with respect, including casters, fans opponents, officials, interns and staff from other programs and at all related events” — a conduct agreement clearly written by someone who’s never played video games.

Qpann_, aka Will, doesn’t seem too bothered about it anymore. He still streams on Twitch and appears to be doing just fine. Good for him — but hopefully he’s learned some real trash talk in the months since.