COD WW2 hacker.

Just days ago the PC beta of Call of Duty: WWII was made available, allowing PC gamers to try out the game for their first time. Although many were hopeful that this year's release would be something special, one narrative has dominated the experience: cheating.

Social media and forum discussion of the beta has been largely dominated by reports of cheating. Wallhacks and aimbot are prevalent, to a point where it's normal to have at least one reason to throw your keyboard across the room in every game.

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The problem is so bad, in-fact, that gamers have taken to user reviews to voice their concern and frustration, as seen in the Steam reviews below:

Game has poor optomization, limited gun diversity, and bad P2P connection. Plus hackers are everywhere. Day one there was already at least one hacker per game, by the last night at least half of the players in every game were hacking.

- Neiryat

Hackers already in the beta...

- DycKev

There's been an influx of cheaters, in a beta. Needs a better anti-cheat if this is what we're working with.

- uzi

Hackers in 3/5 of my games. Ruins the experience altogether. Don't buy the full game unless a real, working anti-cheat is functional in the full release.

- Jibby

Hackers runied the fun

- Keepsie

Footage of the problem can be found on YouTube where you can hear teammates complaining while cheaters ride lollerskates to the top of the scoreboard.

The truth is that cheats have been a huge problem for Call of Duty's PC versions for a long time. Many argue that Activision neglects the PC ports due to their lower sales figures and difficulty to support, but part of it is that it's just a lot easier to make and use cheats in PC games.

But this year CTO Dwight Luetscher came out and said, "this is the year that we're going to give it our best shot to win the hearts and minds of the PC community", leading to high expectations prior to the beta.

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In defense of Call of Duty WWII, the current anti-cheat doesn't reflect how it will perform at release. The beta will definitely provide some valuable data for the development team--along with some hilarious footage--which could be used to dramatically change the game's environment at release.

Before we go, here are some funny reviews of the game. 

A person with no legs runs better than this Awful

- Tom

Press F to refund preorder

- Drop4iks

Fast food of the FPS genre.

- dandyboy66

My bedroom is bigger than maps in this game. And im actually poor.

- thefurymma

Will this year's Call of Duty be worth your money? With release just a month away, we'll find out soon enough.