Have you ever tasted your significant other’s breast milk? It’s not a fetish often talked about, yet it was the question posed by New York Knicks small forward Josh Hart on Twitter.

The tweet garnered 21.7 million views and plenty of funny responses. Jalen Brunson, one of Hart’s teammates, jokingly asked Hart to delete his number. Even Stephen A. Smith, the broadcaster who always has something to say, was speechless.

But one public figure who had no problem offering up his opinion was the popular Call of Duty streamer @NICKMERCS, who proudly admitted that he samples early life’s nurturing fluid.

“New pre workout?” @FatKidDeals commented.

While trying breast milk might seem like a gross idea, other kinks involve less pleasant parts of the body, and more disgusting bodily fluids. Like Nickmerks, many Twitter users quickly came out in defense of breast milk.

While some Knicks fans might be worried about Josh Hart’s offseason because of this tweet, at least he has a new source of protein in his diet.